About Millennium

EQ (Emotional Intellgience) & AI (Absolute Integrity) Fueled Skills Courses, Webinars & Keynotes Designed Specifically For Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Private Banks, Retail Banks, Wealth Management Groups and Financial Wholesalers


When You Have Better People... You Get Better Results

We've studied the best-of-the-best in the financial services industry.... the true masters of the game. We use the results of our research to build practical/tactical skill courses, webinars and keynotes that are customized to match the realities of the financial services industry. We have found that the best-of-the-best have 3 things in common:

  • High Technical IQ - (Technical Financial Skills)
  • High Emotional IQ - (High Levels Of Self & Social Awareness)
  • High Skills IQ - (Skill Proficiency In Areas Such As Leadership, Sales, Negotiating, Networking, Presentations etc.)

In most cases the technical skill-set is developed through a combination of university studies, on the job experience and internal training. At Millennium we specialize in the development of Emotional Intelligence and Functional Skill Intelligence. We do this for our clients by delivering courses and content - custom and off the shelf - designed to share these best practices with your people. The idea? Help make your people your competitive advantage.