EQ Courses For FI's

The Highest Rated Emotional Intelligence Training Available for Financial Professionals & Leaders in Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Equity, Small Business Banking, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Retail Banking and Financial Wholesaleing


Corporate & Investment Banking professionals make deals with the most sophisticated corporate and government financial decision makers, compete with the most talented and aggressive competitors and build internal and external alliances with many of the most intelligent and demanding people in the world of corporate finance (Treasury management, capital markets, compliance, credit, legal, tax, sponsors, syndicate bankers etc.). Having the...


Commercial Banking professionals operate in a unique and challenging environment in the business finance ecosystem. Commercial Bankers deal with clients, teammates and business partners of all sophistication levels. On one deal a commercial banker must work with a client who is highly sophisticated and operates a complex commercial enterprise. These clients are financially knowledgeable and work with multiple banking institutions to manage...


Achieving success in the world of Private Equity requires technical financial mastery, confidence, drive, resilience and grit -- as well as a highly effective set of relationship development and relationship management skills. Private Equity professionals must develop, manage and grow relationships with a vast and sophisticated network of investors, advisors, lawyers, tax professionals, consultants, bankers, internal partners, corporate...


Small Business Banking is the best example of what we refer to as Community Banking. Often thought of as the best known bankers in town, High EQ Small Business Bankers have the ability to create, connect with and win over a complex network of relationships including entrepreneurs, community leaders, COI, branch partners, internal leaders, credit and support professionals. It is this ability to connect -- and their...


Wealth Management professionals must constantly prove their value to the most sophisticated high net worth, super high net worth and wealthy clients on the planet. They are charged with building deep relationships with a group known for being incredibly private, guarded and dependent on multiple professional advisors. And, when the markets are volatile or a client's personal world is turned upside down for one reason or another, the High EQ...


Private Banking professionals spend a signifiant amount of their time dealing with the most complex financial transactions. With that being said, they spend even more of their time dealing with, managing and attempting to influence an incredibly complex internal and external network of highly intelligent, highly competitive and highly demanding people.

Our High EQ Small Private Banker workshop is designed to immediately and positively...


How can human Financial Advisors compete with Robo-Advisors? The answer to this question should be a simple one: Support clients with equal or better technology, and also give them a highly educated, highly skilled and highly emotionally intelligent human Financial Advisor to go along with it. Research with affluent individuals has shown that an affluent clients comfort level with the idea of financial self-management declines as...


Retail branches and call centers can be - and should be - the ultimate incubators of Emotional Intelligence. Retail Banking and Call Center professionals can be asked to handle an enormous number of unique customer interactions in a single day. Some of these interactions are positive and advise-based conversations with happy customers, while others can be high stress, problem solving and complaint resolution in nature. Regardless of the...


The role of the Financial Wholesaler, Institutional RM and Account Executive is becoming more competitive and challenging each and every day. In addition to being responsible for management of a complex suite of products, services and content, these professionals are responsible for marketing these financial services to the most sophisticated financial industry subject matter experts and top performers. Furthermore, as new, non-traditional...