The Outliers Program

We Study Your Best People (The Outliers).... Build A Course(s) Focused On How Your Best Do What They Do... And Then We Teach The Rest Of Your People How To Do It


Study The Best... Train The Rest

Every financial institution has a pool of "outliers" on their team. These are typically the top 5% or 10% of your people. These people consistently perform at the highest level, are your best leaders, do the most business and have the most fun. Unfortunately, most firms only have a few and have great difficulty replicating their levels of success across the broader workforce. What if you could teach the rest of your team to do what your best do? What if you could move your medium performers up to high performance and what if you could move your lower performers up to medium or even high performance?

The Outliers methodology is as simple as it gets: First, we conduct qualitative research interviews with your best people focused on understanding how they think and act. Second, we use the results of that research to custom build a course specifically focused on the attitudes and situational best-practices of your best people. Finally, we conduct training sessions for the rest of your team. The end result is a consistent, best-practices-based, approach to business. And a culture that reflects the behaviors and attitudes of the people at the top of your organization... your outliers.