Don't Take Our Word For It.... Here Is What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About Our Programs


“Rich! I have never said this before but...I have never been on a course, in 20 years in the business that I have learned so much and that can be implemented so easily. I will become more productive and more profitable”

“Bingo! We have a winner here! Motivating experience. A lot of new ideas, strategies, approaches etc. Dynamic and knowledgeable presentation. This was very enjoyable."

“A great instructor, should teach all of our courses”

“Gifted presenter!”

“3 Words------Fab-U-Lous”

“Best course I have been on. It ties in all the other courses and practices together"

“Very effective, high energy and tangible”

“Great course, content and presentation"

“Excellent course and presentation. Very relevant to our changing environment. Should have a follow up refresher course soon.”

“Very effective course in terms of providing an actual tool/system that has quantifiable results. Unlike some other courses, this strategy can be molded to the individual. This has the potential to have a very positive impact on the sales culture that will help to produce more productive and profitable bankers.”

“Excellent! Great! Used names and examples and scenarios and tied in the audience. This course was very interactive and there was no yawning in the room (at all! By anyone in the room).”

“Helpful, useful, effective content-truly useful in the field”

“Honestly, the most interesting course.”

“Very powerful”

“Great presentation”

“Very good and relevant course material. Instructor was excellent. He really knew the material and all content could be applied practically.”

“Great course! Except for Rich (ha ha-all 10’s)”

“Excellent presentation with actual research to support backstop material. The program wraps the complete marketing and closing procedure into an easy to understand step-by-step approach.”

“Awesome, best course I have been on yet! Great presenter! The best of the best!”


“I can’t say enough about the course. This was the most enjoyable and informative course I have been on with the bank."

“Excellent presentation and very dynamic. Thank you.”

“The best sales course I’ve been on. I don’t even consider this a sales course. Great tools and ideas. Usable ideas and tools, unlike some other sales courses.”

"Refreshing change because of focus on deposit/cash management, polished presentation, very entertaining. Articulate and well prepared. Excellent application via references to high performing individuals.”

“One of the best courses yet. With material I will try to implement”

“Excellent energy, course context very interesting. Real life examples were outstanding.”

“Very dynamic. All of this stuff really relates to our job.”

“Best course I have ever been on in 20 years.”

“Great course and great instructor. Had a great time and learned a lot” “Excellent course.”

“Great content and great presentation”

“Picked up a lot of good tips and sales formulas”

“High energy, good delivery and very funny. Especially laughed and the impersonations. A great idea would be to have reinforcement in 6-12 months. As bankers were all inclined to go back to what we are comfortable with. WE need to be pushed. Bobby Orr rules!”


“Great! Thanks! Relevant and entertaining”

“It has been one of the best sales courses I have ever attended. The course content was specific & allowed us to understand how to utilize these practices. I am converted that this is a science and not an art”

“Great course! Fun and enjoyable on the target! Really appreciate the course, content and direction.”

“Thanks for the high energy!”

“This is the fourth time I have seen you. This was the smallest group and your best effort yet. Well done Rich!”

“Great course, best I have ever been on. When I heard about the course I wondered how it could ever last two days. Now, I am sure it could take 3 days and still be engaging and challenging. Well done!”

“Excellent program. Excellent delivery! Time well spent”

“Excellent presentation. Great ideas and very effective. Looking forward to the implementation”

“Articulate presenter makes for a dynamic and efficient learning. Content is very useful” “Great energy that kept the workshop alive and interactive.”

“Pace is rapid”

“Absolutely top notch workshop. Loads of great techniques and tactics that are really practical. Best workshop yet! Great delivery by Rich. Timely course with a very credible presenter.”

“Tons of practical tools delivered based on fact based research. Great pace and lively presentation style always with an edge.”

“This course was refreshing and an eye opener! I loved it-good work. Finally some tools we can use efficiently.”

“Rich is a real charm (which doesn’t hurt).”

“Excellent course and delivery.”

“Great speaker.”

“Great course. Thank you! The most valuable content of any workshop I have attended.”

“This has been an amazing experience.”

“Super course! Certainly one of the best courses I have been on. I can use everything presented here to do a better job.”

“The instructor made this course due to the energy, experience, knowledge and humor.” “Great presentation material and new selling strategy.”

“Excellent! 14 years in the bank and this is one of the best courses taken.”

“I was very impressed with the instructors understanding of our organization."

“Great course! We should send all staff at all levels. Even the credit side should get a one day deal.”

“Good pace and I appreciate the time spent on group work. Other courses often have too much time spent on group work”

“Great pace and good tie in from one formula to another. Good structure to allow for repetition.”

“Excellent course! Excellent instructor”

“Excellent timing for planning session given the changes in the industry. The importance of gradual implementation is key otherwise the planning session is wasted.”

“Great instructor, articulate, high energy, great format, good pace.”

“Very relevant! Management has to take this course so when we prepare strategies and execute and conduct meetings we are all on the same page. Loved it! Many thanks.”

“Excellent course. Best course that has been offered in the bank. External consultants are the key. It is important to have outside objective advice as it helps with presenting industry trends.”

“Excellent length (2 Days). Presenter made the material interesting” “I really enjoyed this course and took lots of good material away.”

“Really enjoyed this course. Very good material that should assist greatly in the RM ability to concentrate on sales and how to work through the process.”

“This instructor is definitely the best instructor I have seen over the last 5 to 10 years in the bank due to the very good combination of providing information, using the same in practical situations and doing all of this in an enthusiastic manner to keep everyone interested. Well done!”

“Great pace combined with practical tactics”

“A high energy instructor with a ton of content to cover in two days”

“High energy with a good dose of humor makes it effective”


“Fast paced, high energy. Excellent ideas and practical.”

“Fast paced and interesting! Straight to the point! Very practical and provided essential tools."

“Extremely practical."

“Good energy, great pace. A very valuable course. This one is a winner!”

”Excellent workshop with one of the best presenters I have run into at the bank.”

“High energy dynamic presenter. Information is totally relevant and essential for success.”

“High energy, very informative and practical.”

“This course was great."

“High energy, good pace and good focus”


“Very practical and relevant. Good ideas, process etc. Excellent course with great examples. Great knowledge of our bank.”

“Well presented, high energy. Thanks.”

“The live real life examples were the best. Sitting in front of the client” “Great! Lets do it regularly.”

“Great course. Lets hope we get more of them.”

“Fantastic! All RMs and AM should go to this. Rich is great!” “Extremely good course and relevant. The instructor made the difference” “Looking forward to putting my plans into action.”

“Great delivery”

“Very practical do it this way approach”