How Many People Work At Millennium Consulting Group?

The answer to this question depends on the project and the client. Our group is a collection of elite independent/freelance consultants from various fields (marketers, copywriters, designers, publishers, researchers, analytics professionals, professors etc.). This "open architecture" structure allows us to build teams on a project-by-project basis. As a result of this strategy we have the flexibility to put the perfect team against each individual project, maintain the highest level of talent and keep our pricing at reasonable levels. And, this system allows us to add internal client-side advisors to our project teams, which adds to the long term viability and sustainability of our work with our clients.

Sometimes you might only need one consultant to deliver a small run of training sessions, a keynote address or a webinar. Other times you might need a ten person team to help you build a complete custom sales and marketing training curriculum. The team you work with is not static and is never based on our internal structure. It is based on your project scope and needs.