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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 1

Course Objective - Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of leadership and the idea of creating an enthusiastic following. Introduce participants to the 7 styles of high EQ leaders.

What is the common denominator for every elite financial institution? Most would say having great people. What is the common skill denominator of the best people in the industry? Leadership! Our firm’s longest-running study is approaching 30 years of continuous research. The objective? Determine how the most effective leaders became the the best. The result? A story, theory, and skill-packed program highlighting the 7 critical leadership styles and tailored specifically to match the unique leadership challenges faced in the financial services industry. If one of your key strategic objectives is to create a culture of leadership this program provides a great start. We will help you refine your skills and, more importantly, we will help you create a culture driven by leadership minded team members.

Topics discussed in the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership I course include:

  • Identifying Level 1, 2 and 3 Leadership Performance
  • Self Awareness/Self Management
  • Social Awareness/Relationship Management
  • EQ And Leadership
  • When Leading Means Following
  • The CARE Model And Leadership
  • Relationship Management As The Character Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Knowledge Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Vision Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Operational Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Emotional Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Intrepid Leader
  • Relationship Management As The Track Record Leader
  • Putting All Of The Styles Together
  • How to Implement and Sustain

All Millennium courses are tailored for delivery to match the strategy, client demographic, product mix and skill development needs of each client. All Millennium courses are available for delivery via instructor-led classroom session, webinar and/or train-the-trainer sessions.

  • 90-Minute Keynote Engagement – $15,000 USD
  • ½-Day-Courses – $595 USD per-participant
  • 1-Day-Courses – $950 USD per-participant
  • 2-Day-Courses – $1,250 USD per-participant
  • 3-Day-Courses – $1,500 USD per-participant
  • 3-Day Train-The-Trainer Course - $10,000 USD per-participant
  • Single 90-Minute Webinar - $3,750 USD
  • 10 Webinar Talk-Block - $35,000 USD