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EQ Strategies 1

Course Objective - Provide participants with a practical understanding of the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), with a strong emphasis on self-awareness & self-management.

As financial professionals we spend the vast majority of our time dealing with people and complex financial situations. Having the ability to connect, on a very personal level, with clients, colleagues, prospects and members of our community is an essential competency for the elite financial professional. Having a high financial IQ is not enough, and is even considered by many industry insiders, to be a "table-stake". To compete and win in today's increasingly competitive environment every financial professional must master the people side of the business as well. And that means having a high level of Emotional Intelligence. Developing a high level of Emotional Intelligence begins with a high level of self-awareness and a solid set of self-management skills.

Topics discussed in the EQ Strategies I course include:

  • Understanding Level 1, 2 and 3 Performance
  • EQ Defined
  • The Case For EQ
  • Profiles Of High EQ And Low EQ Historical Figures
  • Self Awareness/Self Management
  • Social Awareness/Relationship Management
  • The Basics Of Emotional Observation
  • Introduction To The CARE Personality Model
  • Assessing Your Own Personality Type
  • Identifying Personal EQ Strengths & Gaps
  • Using EQ On A Behavioral Basis
  • Developing A Personal EQ Growth Plan

All Millennium courses are tailored for delivery to match the strategy, client demographic, product mix and skill development needs of each client. All Millennium courses are available for delivery via instructor-led classroom session, webinar and/or train-the-trainer sessions.

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  • 2-Day-Courses – $1,250 USD per-participant
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  • 3-Day Train-The-Trainer Course - $10,000 USD per-participant
  • Single 90-Minute Webinar - $3,750 USD
  • 10 Webinar Talk-Block - $35,000 USD
  • 20 Webinar Talk-Block - $65,000 USD