2. EQ and AI Fueled Curriculum

EQ = Emotional Intelligence - AI = Absolute Integrity

Financial services must be, at all levels of the industry, a relationship business and a business that is based on absolute trust and integrity. Financial transactions whether they be for a large corporation, an affluent family or a retail client bring with them a high level of emotion and a fiduciary responsibility. Financial relationships and transactions can be incredibly complex from an interpersonal dynamics standpoint and require a relationship based on honest personalized advice. It is the responsibility of the financial professional to guide his/her client through a consultative process based in trust and then manage that relationship going forward. This requires an incredibly high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) and absolute integrity (AI). With this in mind we have made EQ and absolute integrity the foundational underpinnings of every program we deliver. Participants are taught to sell with absolute integrity and to understand how to adapt, shape and modify best-practices based on client personalities and the unique situation in front of them. This ability is what separates the best in the industry from the average players.

To ensure that our programs are the best offered in the industry we pressure test each and every strategy, tactic or best practice included in our courses. Our three primary content tests are listed below:

Millennium Content Pressure Tests:

Pressure Test #1 - The Effectiveness Test - Every strategy, tactic or best practice must be proven to work the majority of the times it is implemented. We don't teach strategies that only work once in a while.

Pressure Test #2 - The Simplicity Test - Every strategy, tactic or best practice must be proven to be easy to learn, implement and sustain. We don't teach strategies that aren't easily mastered during our program training.

Pressure Test #3 - The Integrity Test - Every strategy, tactic or best practice must be based in AI (absolute integrity) and must present the financial professional in the most professional way. We don't teach strategies designed to trick or manipulate clients and we only teach strategies that help our students to present themselves in the most professional way while enhancing their personal brand in the communities they serve.

Why EQ (Emotional Intelligence) & AI (Absolute Integrity) are Important?

  • High EQ & AI prevent your organization from adopting high pressure sales tactics and cultures
  • High EQ & AI build a brand based on trust and integrity
  • High EQ & AI ensure a sustainable relationship based advisory culture
  • High EQ & AI help to accentuate personal strengths and mitigate personal weaknesses
  • High EQ & AI increase the likelihood of success across all internal and external interactions
  • High EQ & AI lead to increases in credibility and drives referral appetite with clients
  • High EQ & AI foster stronger connections across varying personality types
  • High EQ & AI are key variables in the work/life balance equation