3. Financial Industry Specialization

We work, and will continue to work, in one industry and one industry only. Our experience and expertise is in financial services, our research is in financial services and your consultant/instructor has spent his entire 35-year career in financial services. We've studied the industry's top performers and we have studied the preferences of financial clients and partners. When Millennium was founded in 1999 the idea was simple if not cliche: Be the best in the financial services industry... not the biggest. The financial industry is complex and requires programs and people are built for it.

Why Industry Specialization Is Important?

  • Industry specialization provides for laser focused content customization
  • Industry specialization turbo charges "buy-in" levels with participants
  • Industry specialization eliminates the possibility of cross industry strategy breakdown
  • Industry specialization increases likelihood of success with buy-side clientele
  • Industry specialization increases sustainment stickiness and enhances organizational culture