4. Collaboration & Customization

Lack of collaboration & customization is one of the biggest reasons training programs fall apart before, during and, most often, after the training event itself. To give a training program the highest probability of success all internal and external players must collaborate and customize. We work in total collaboration with internal training and development consultants and line executives to ensure that each program and each strategy presented in our programs is the perfect fit for the client we are working with.

Why Customization & Collaboration Are Important?

  • Customization & collaboration create partnerships between external consultants and client side consultants
  • Customization & collaboration increase "buy-in" levels with participants
  • Customization & collaboration allow instructors to instruct more effectively
  • Customization & collaboration provide an opportunity to build on past programs and extend internal strategies
  • Customization & collaboration simplifies the train-the-trainer and sustainment effort