5. Instructor Experience & Track-Record

Your instructor, for every session, will be our founder. Because our objective is to be the best at what we do (never the biggest) we keep our client list short and dedicate our best resources to every project. When you engage Millennium you go straight to the top. There are no junior level instructors or rookie facilitators. We offer one instructor who has spent the better part of the past 35 (plus) years studying human performance. Over the past four decades he has studied hundreds of financial institutions, interviewed and conducted focus-groups with thousands of top-performing financial professionals and trained tens of thousands of financial professionals in Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management and Private Equity. He has acted as strategic advisor to executives at more than 100 financial institutions.

Why Track Record & Confidence Are Important?

  • Track-record increases buy-in
  • Track-record increases likelihood of project success
  • Track-record helps to sell and market programs internally
  • Track-record provides for training risk management
  • Track-record shows your people that you are bringing them the best programs and instructor in the financial services industry